Supreme Mass Gainer (High Protein And High Calories) Banana Flavor

Supreme Mass Gainer (High Protein And High Calories) Banana Flavor

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NBH Supreme mass gainer high protein and high calorie powder How to use : Take 1 scoop, place 180ml of cold water or milk into the bottle or shaker and then shake it well to dissolve.

NBH mass gainer is a premium quality, scientifically advanced weight gain formula for individuals who have a hard time gaining and maintaining weight.

NBH mass gainer provides superior quality, easy to absorb protein, complex carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals in delicious flavours. A balanced diet supplement by NBH mass gainer is for everyone who wants to gain weight, be it sportsmen or any active individual (Men, women OR children). NBH mass gainer nourishes the body with vital minerals and enough energy to get through the daily routine.

Quick gain Formula: Mix 120 g. Of NBH mass gainer with 20 ml of milk in a blender. Add two bananas for a rich, frosty mild shake. Start with once in a day, and gradually increase dosage to thrice a day. It is suggested that along with NBH mass gainer, it is better to have six meals a day then two big ones.

For best results, take 1-3 servings of NBH mass gainer.

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