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NBH melatonin supplement tablets are formulated with a blend of natural calming ingredients. Each tablet is composed with a precise dosage of ingredients meant for a single serving. They are free of GMOs, gluten, added sugars and mercury.

  • NBH Melatonin tablets has such ingredients which can help to promote sleep in normal sleep patterns and get better sleep.
  • They may help to get fall asleep fast so that you can get a good quality sleep all night and wake up fully fresh the next morning.
  • This sleeping tablets are "Non-GMO" and "Gluten Free" which means that you don't need to worry for any side effects.
  • Tablets are designed in such a way which promotes a complete and quality sleep so that your all-day long exhausting energy goes away completely and you wake up with full power and don't feel weak or lazy.
  • This pack contains 60 veggie tablets which are useful in regulation of the immune system and maintenance of a healthy gastrointestinal lining

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